How to get a Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification

4 steps on how to get a product, service, or building certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel:

Find the right requirements for your product

In order to be able to ecolabel goods, service or building with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel product specific requirements must be met. You will find all available requirements here. On the product category pages you will also find relevant contact person.

Submit application form

The application is submitted in the Nordic Ecolabelling portal. Send an e-mail to if you need log in credentials.

Document that the requirements have been met

Once the application has been submitted, you will be assigned an advisor, referred to as an evaluator, who will support you in the process. You must submit documentation that shows that the requirements have been met. When all documentation has been received, Nordic Ecolabelling carries out a control visit.

Market your product as a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled product

If you are granted a license, you can market your products with the most well-known ecolabel in the Nordic countries. Read the guidelines for use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in marketing.