Public consultation on Paints and varnishes

Nordic Ecolabelling are revising the criteria for Paints and varnishes. We invite you to comment on our proposal no later than February 8th, 2023.

Et åpnet malingsspann med en pensel
Nordic Ecolabelling are now revising the criteria for Paints and varnishes. You are welcome to comment on the proposal before February 8th.

The most important changes compared to generation 3

  • New requirements on renewable raw materials in acrylic and alkyd resins (binders).
  • New requirement to global warming potential for cement/hydraulic binders.
  • New energy requirement for the production of titanium dioxide. The proposed requirement is a first draft. Input on the proposed requirement and suggestions for alternative requirements are most welcome.
  • Emission requirements to formaldehyde, VOC, TVOC and TSVOC for indoor paints and varnishes.
  • The limit value for preservatives is lowered in outdoor and industrial paints.
  • Amount of preservatives can be reported either by calculation or analytically (HPLC).
  • Ban on 34 bisphenols.
  • New quality requirement for industrial paints and varnishes intended for furniture.
  • New requirements for packaging that promote the use of recycled material and prohibit metal packaging.

Submit your response

We would like comments on the new environmental requirements. Contact person in Norway is Tove Bræin, and we ask you to send the comments to us by 8th of February 2023 via the submission form on our website, by mail or by e-mail to

Tove Bræin



Consultation documents

Consultation letter (pdf)

Proposed criteria document (pdf)

Background document (pdf)