Public consultation: Revised criteria for cosmetic products

Nordic Ecolabelling are revising the criteria for cosmetic products and you are welcome to comment on the proposal by April 29th.

The consultation proposal is sent to a wide range of consultative bodies and the input will be used actively in the further work with the requirements.

The most important changes compared to the previous generation are:

  • If renewable raw materials from palm oil are used, the palm oil/palm kernel oil must be RSPO certified (Requirement O4).
  • New hazard classes are added to the prohibited classifications (Requirement O5).
  • Updated definition on microplastics and endocrine disruptors (Requirement O6).
  • Requirement for amount of fragrance allergens in the product is tightened (Requirement O10).
  • In the requirements for environmentally hazardous substances, the general threshold limit have been tightened and the most envitonmental harmful substances are now completely prohibited. Surfactants are no longer exempted (Requirement O16).
  • Fossil-based fibres are no longer permitted in wet wipes (Requirement O24).
  • New requirements have been introduced for primary packaging concerning the packaging’s recyclability and design for recycling. Glass is no longer permitted, and miniature bottles sold to the Hotel, restaurant and catering sector is no longer permitted (Requirements O31-O34).
  • The weight-utility-ratio (WUR) requirement has been tightened (Requirement O35).

The proposed criteria have been prepared by Nordic Ecolabelling under the leadership of the Nordic product manager Lise Frank Axelsen.

We appreciate your comments and we kindly ask you to send them to us no later than April 29th 2024, via the submission form on our website, by mail or to All consultation comments are reviewed, and a summary of the received comments will be available at Ecolabelling Norway.


A consultation webinar will be held in English on 8th of March – see invitation and registration here.


Karen Marie Haug


+47 930 48

Consultation documents

Letter of proposal (pdf)

Proposed criteria (pdf)

Background document (pdf)

WUR calculation (xls)

CDV calculation leave on (xls)

CDV calculation foam soap (xls)

CDV calculation rinse off (xls)

Appendix (pdf zip)