Public consultation: Revised criteria for renovation of buildings

Nordic Ecolabelling are revising the criteria for renovation of buildings, and you are welcome to comment on the proposal by October 29th.

Nordic Ecolabelling are revising the criteria for renovation of buildings and we hereby invite you to comment on our proposal. The consultation proposal is sent to a wide range of consultative bodies and the input will be used actively in the further work to tighten and improve the requirements.

The environmental requirements in this revision have been expanded to include hotels and associated conference facilities. New requirements related to circular economy and climate have been introduced. New limits have also been set for the building’s energy consumption and an alternative requirement for listed buildings has been introduced. The requirements for chemical products and construction products are largely harmonised with the criteria for new buildings generation 4. The criteria have been aligned with the technical screening criteria in the first delegated act of the EU taxonomy for green investments, environmental goals «Climate change mitigation», section 7.2.

We solicit views and comments on the proposal as a whole and specifically on the following points:

  • The scope of the product group definition.
  • Implementation of Hotels and conference facilities in the criteria.
  • The overall structure of the section “prior to the renovation phase”. Is it in line with the practice in the industry?
  • The scope of the environmental survey – is it reasonable that it must also cover parts of the building with suspicion of hazardous substances/waste that are not renovated?
  • Requirement O13 Construction waste management – the required percentage in relation to both demolition and construction waste.
  • The alternative energy requirement for protected buildings and buildings worthy of preservation.
  • The three different alternatives for documenting the requirement on radon.
  • That the requirements on lighting and white goods are now only activated when these are part of the renovation project.
  • The more limited approach in the requirement for noise environment in office buildings, hotels, pre-schools and schools (only focus on reverberation time).
  • The approach chosen to handle the alignment with the EU Taxonomy.

The proposed criteria have been prepared by representatives from the Nordic Ecolabelling offices under the leadership of the Nordic product manager Stinus Kappel Andersen.

We appreciate your comments on the proposed requirements. We kindly ask you to send them to us no later than 29th of October, 2023, via the submission form on our website, by mail or by e-mail to All consultation comments will be reviewed, and a summary of the received comments will be available at Ecolabelling Norway.


If you have questions to this consultation, please contact our environmental advisor Anita Spjøtvold.

Anita Spjøtvold

nordisk produktansvarlig


Consultation documents

Letter of proposal (pdf)

Proposed criteria (pdf)

Background document (pdf)