The Nordic Swan Ecolabel environmental requirements for e-commerce logistics

To offer Nordic consumers a more sustainable and credible delivery option for their online purchases, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel has developed criteria for e-commerce logistics. This includes a focus on climate impact, energy efficiency and working conditions.

The requirements cover both line-haul and last mile, i.e. both the long-distance transports from the terminal/depot and deliveries to parcel agents, parcel boxes or home delivery. The system boundary is from the e-retailer’s warehouse and to the consumer.

Companies that can be license holders are transport companies transporting e-commerce goods, for example:

  • Freight forwarders
  • Post and morning newspaper distributors
  • Tech companies

The requirements for e-commerce logistics include:

  • Limits for energy use in the transport network.
  • Strict requirements for climate performance.
  • A certain level of electric, hydrogen and biogas vehicles in the existing vehicle fleet – and increase of the proportion by new purchases.
  • Incrementally increased use of renewable energy in the entire transport network.
  • Ban on palm oil or its by-products (PFAD).
  • Working conditions in line with national labour law standards.
  • Volume-based pricing between retailer and transporter.
  • More time to optimize the logistics system by limiting same-day deliveries.

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What does it cost?

When you apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, you must pay a fee. Additionally, when you have a certification, you must pay an annual licence fee based on the turnover of the certified product or service.

Please visit our Nordic website to see the specific fees. You will find them at the bottom of the page for the relevant product group under the fees» tab. You can find all product groups here