The Nordic Swan Ecolabel environmental requirements for fuel

Fuels certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are made from 100 % renewable and fossil free raw materials, and reduces climate gas emissions by 75-90 % compared to fossile alternatives.

The product group comprises liquid and gaseous fuels for transport (road, sea, and air), heating and industrial purposes. Gasses fuels also include liquefied biogas (LBG) and bio-LPG (also called renewable propane or bio-propane).

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a tool in the transition from fossile to renewable fuels. By producing Nordic Swan Ecolabel fuels, you contribute to reduced climate gas emissions, preservation of nature and a more circular economy.

The requirements include the following:

  • Use of 100 % renewable and fossile free raw materials
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 75-90% compared to fossile alternatives
  • Yearly documentation of greenhouse gas emissions, which can be used for sustainability reporting
  • Use of renewable raw materials which are made from biological residues and waste, in gaseous fuels
  • Use of renewable raw materials which are responsible produced, traceable, and from controlled sources.
  • Prohibition of food- and feed crops and of raw materials from genetically modified plants
  • Prohibition of problematic feedstocks, such as palm- and soybean oil
  • Working conditions in the production of raw materials and fuel must comply with relevant UN conventions
  • Compliance with recognized fuel standards

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What does it cost?

When you apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, you must pay a fee. Additionally, when you have a certification, you must pay an annual licence fee based on the turnover of the certified product or service.

Please visit our Nordic website to see the specific fees. You will find them at the bottom of the page for the relevant product group under the fees» tab. You can find all product groups here.