The Nordic Swan Ecolabel environmental requirements for microfiber cloth and mop

Nordic Ecolabelled supplies for microfibre based cleaning for consumer and professional use, are among the least environmentally harmful in their group. The products fulfill stringent requirements on the health and environmental characteristics of constituent materials as well as quality and performance.

Nordic Ecolabelled supplies for microfibre based cleaning, for consumer and professional use:

  • Offer first-rate cleaning performance without the use of cleaning chemicals.
  • Are durable (providing a long service life).
  • Contain limited amounts of environmentally hazardous and harmful substances.
  • Contribute to lowering emissions to water and the air.
  • Are gentle on the surface being cleaned.

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What does it cost?

When you apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, you must pay a fee. Additionally, when you have a certification, you must pay an annual licence fee based on the turnover of the certified product or service.

Please visit our Nordic website to see the specific fees. You will find them at the bottom of the page for the relevant product group under the fees» tab. You can find all product groups here.