The Nordic Swan Ecolabel environmental requirements for printing companies and printed matter

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel focuses on reducing the total environmental and climate impact of the printing company and of the printed matter and promoting a good work environment. E.g. through requirements for printing materials, chemicals, and energy consumption. Requirements that ensure suitability for recycling also helps to reduce consumption of resources and waste volumes, thereby promoting circular economy.

The product group includes printing companies and printed matter such as magazines, newspapers, advertising matter brochures, books, envelopes, banners, and packaging.

Only Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printing companies can produce Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printed matter.

The requirements for both the printing company and printed matter include:

  • Use of sustainable manufactured paper.
  • Use of printing materials such as textile, plastic and aluminium/composite board material which meets strict requirements for chemicals used in surface treatment and content of PVC.
  • Use of 100% Ecolabelled or inspected printing material and ban on the use of PVC in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printed matter.
  • Limits for energy consumption.
  • Environmental and health properties of chemicals used in production of printed matter as well as at external book binders. Among other things, there are strict requirements to substances that are carcinogenic, toxic to reproduction and can damage genetic material, and bans on halogenated organic and fluorinated substances.
  • Limits for use of chemicals containing VOC.
  • Documentation that inks, tones, adhesives, and varnishes do not create problems in connection with deinking and recycling of printed matter.

The printing criteria consist of three documents; the criteria document below as well as the «Basic Module» and the «Chemical module». Please download these here:

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What does it cost?

When you apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, you must pay a fee. Additionally, when you have a certification, you must pay an annual licence fee based on the turnover of the certified product or service.

Please visit our Nordic website to see the specific fees. You will find them at the bottom of the page for the relevant product group under the fees» tab. You can find all product groups here.

New fee structure will be implemented January 1st 2023.